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Installing BOINC on Centos OS

All parts of installation must be carried out by logging in as root

1) Login root

2) if Centos is not updated, run update
yum update

yum can be locked at this moment as PackageKit do the autocheck for updates. Wait for it until it is done and then run the update command

The computer needs to be restarted after the update
shutdown -r now

If the system is already updated, skip this step(Step 2)

3) By becoming a root, install esential packages required for BOINC compilation.
yum install gcc-c++ autoconf openssl-devel automake libtool libcurl-devel

There are other libraries which are required in the 'configure' step later. So, the following should be also installed

yum install libGL-devel libGLU-devel freeglut-devel libXmu-devel libXi-devel libnotify-devel xcb-util-devel libjpeg-devel

4) Now create a 'boinc' user and then login as 'boinc' user

useradd boinc
su - boinc

5) Get the boinc source code from the git repository( Please note : The location of the source code
may change so, always look for the source code repo at the BOINC website https:/

current source code destination:

Install 'git' if not installed

once you are in the boinc user's home directory, create a directory  for eg. boinc_source and then git it

mkdir boinc_source ( you can give any name you want for your directory)

git clone boinc_source/

6) Navigate to boinc_source(Repo)

cd boinc_source

7) Run _autosetup


8) For the 'configure' step, look at ./configure --help for available options
To just setup a client, the following two are good: disabling the server and enabling to optimize

./configure --disable-server --enable-optimize

9) At this point, everything is done to make the source_code ready to build the application.To build, type


10) Once built, its time to install the boinc app to the Centos system!
For that, exit the boinc user and login as root(when you exit, you will already be in root)

cd /home/boinc/boinc_source
make install

The BOINC client is now successfully installed in your system...!!
For more information about compiling from source code, visit

Attaching a project in a BOINC client

Start the BOINC daemon in Centos and attach a project

1) Start the boinc daemon

service boinc-client start

2) Get the status of the client

boinccmd --get_state

Creating an account and attaching a project, updating a project etc. should be done by being a boinc user.

3) Create an account (not necessary if using the EGLAB account, see below)

boinccmd --create_account <username> <password> <name of the account>

4) Once created, attach a project

boinccmd --project_attach <account_key>

The account key can be obtained at the account manager page on the website.

        For the WEB grid with the EGLAB user use:

        boinccmd --project_attach 8ae87f1b80c716f77b482f0271bb451c

5) update the project

boinccmd --project  update

Other boinccmd commands to use and maintain the client can be obtained at