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Active jobs file located on the boinc server at ~/projects/boincimpact/async_re/rnaseh-ligand_active_jobs

Python jobs to look at start with rnaseh-ligand-*

Start off with:

  • ssh boincadm@

  • cd projects/boincimpact/async_re // async_re folder contains all the python job directories

To check for python jobs:

  • ps auxw | grep python // lists all the running python jobs

To run a python job: // DO NOT run a job that is already running

Check with ps auxw | grep python to see whether it is already running or not

From async_re, change to the jobs directory. For example rnaseh-ligand-57-cis-orig:

  • cd rnaseh-ligand-57-cis-orig

  • python ~/utils/async_re/ rnaseh-ligand-57-cis-orig-asyncre.cntl > LOG 2>&1 & // this line runs the python job

To stop/kill a python job:

Use ps auxw | grep python to get the PID of the job. It is the number that comes right after the username. For example:

boincadm 12722 0.0 0.7 132220 14684 ? S Aug11 3:36 python /home/boincadm/utils/async_re/ rnaseh-ligand-48-protonated-cis-mirr-asyncre.cntl

The number 12722 is the PID number. To kill the job:

  • kill 12722

Sometimes jobs will stop running for an unknown reason. You will need to rerun those jobs. Jobs need to be tracked so that you can keep all the jobs that should be running running. There is a file with a list of jobs that should be running and it should be updated.